Welcome to Krusagården!

Krusagården is a cultural centre in the middle of Eksjö´s Old Town. The unique 17th century wooden buildings of the Old Town have been awarded a European Cultural Heritage Diploma.

Krusagården is open for public use. We organise non-profit cultural and social activities and the building is a meeting place for many local groups and associations.

From the first week in July till the first week in August we serve Waffles and Swedish "Fika". You can also make a bargain in the book-room and flea market. Krusagården is then open Monday - Friday 11.00 - 17.00 and Saturdays 11.00 - 16.00. Every Monday during this time there is a very popular music café in the evening starting at 18.30. Free entrance.

During the rest of the year the yard is open Monday - Thursday 12.00-15.00.

Krusagården´s history stretches back centuries. The first deeds date from 1602. Later, it was taken over by the merchant Anders Nilsson Kruse, from whence the name originates; ´gård´being a word to describe the traditionally Swedish arrangement of a square of wooden buildings surrounding a central yard. Kruse expanded the property but a change in financial circumstances meant the family had to sell, though the building´s name remained.

Toward the end of the 18th Century, when the famous Mayor Munthe was in charge of Eksjö, Krusagården was a distillery. From 1813 to 1944, the well known Aschan family owned the building and it functioned as a tannery and shop.

In 1946, there was a debate on whether to preserve Krusagården or tear it down and build a departement store. Public opinion saved it and it was bought by Hans Hägg, a local builder, who began a large scale restoration.

The town bought the building from Hägg and the non-profit Krusagården Association was created in 1952.

Once more - welcome to Krusagården!